‘Free Day’ in Sozopol!

A perfect day in paradise! We keep joking that every day feels like the ‘best day ever,’ like nothing could ever top it … but then the next day always does! Today was our first ‘free day’ of the trip. We woke up (late! Since we got to sleep in a little :-)) to sounds of waves crashing and views of incredibly blue water. We ate our breakfast (full of our favorite Bulgarian white cheese, of course!) seaside before venturing off to explore different areas of beautiful Sozopol.


We managed to navigate the cobblestone streets in our flip flops as we visited local shops, walked along the boat docks, and of course spent time on the beach! Since we are here a bit earlier than Sozopol’s high season, we had the hotel and the beaches nearly all to ourselves! The Black Sea was pretty chilly but many of us took the plunge (albeit a very quick one!).

There was lunch poolside at the hotel followed by swimming, lounging, and relaxing under the sun, or venturing through the ‘old’ town and ‘new’ town areas. That evening we dined waterfront at Del Muro (seems like everything here is waterfront!) where we chatted over delicious food and drinks.

Today was a a welcome change of pace from our usual busy schedule. We were able to relax, recharge, and reflect on our fieldwork experience so far. Tomorrow, it’s off to Sofia!

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