Best day ever!

IMG_7605Today’s title is not an exaggeration, we keep saying each day and meal we have is the best, but the next experience we have continues to top the prior.

It was our last day at the Rehab Center and we were very excited to implement our treatment plans and work with our clients who we grew to love. As soon as we stepped out of the van, one of our group’s clients already had poked his head out the window and excitedly waved hi to us. The rehab center invited therapists from other clinics to be a part of the interactive therapeutic demonstration Dr. P led with a client that the physiotherapist requested. We learned how to K-tape a shoulder subluxation and open a hand in a flexor pattern. One of the most impactful moments was when we witnessed him and the rest of the team transfer the client to a wheelchair and perform a partial sit to stand, something she hasn’t done in months! The client expressed how hopeful they now were to try again after realizing what they could do with help, exactly what fills an OT’s heart. After implementing our treatment plans and playing group volleyball with our clients, we can collectively say that this hands on work was unlike any other fieldwork experience we’ve had, or possibly will ever have.


Then it was off for even more fun in Veliko Tărnovo (VT). We visited Tsaravets Fortress and our jaws dropped at its expansiveness and beauty. We climbed the cobblestone stairs and trail to the top of the castle where we were met by a picturesque view not able to be captured by even the highest quality photos.

After trekking back down, we strolled through the artist’s street where we shopped for authentic souvenirs and met and chatted with the artists who made them. Before heading back, we enjoyed yet another amazing dinner and desserts in VT and were greeted with yet another surprise of an amazing light projection show on the castle.

Artist’s street, where we did lots of authentic souvenir shopping 
Fortress artifacts the artist’s use as inspiration for their work

We finished the night off celebrating our last night at Stone and Compass in Stolat with karaoke and unforgettable performances of “Tiny Dancers”, *NSYNC, Spice girls and “California Love”.

Lights and dramatic music to showcase the fortress

So yes, today was the best day ever…so far!

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