First Days in Bulgaria

We finally arrived in Sofia on Saturday evening, and we travelled to dinner at Dan Kolov, a lovely local restaurant. The amazing Chef Kolyo prepared us the best meal, and there are many more to come. We had traditional Bulgarian Shopska salads, bread with white bean dip, bacon and spinach rolled chicken, and that was just to start! We ended the night with a hearty helping of pork steak, mushroom gravy, and mashed potatoes. We finished with a slice of walnut cake. We also had traditional Bulgarian fresh made apple juice, and we can all agree it is the best apple juice we have ever tasted. We are going to have several meals at this restaurant while we are in Stolat. We also learned about the local hero Dan Kolov, a famous Bulgarian wrestler. He is a local hero who wrestled thousands of matches and only ever lost two.

After dinner, we found our way to the Stone and Compass center and got some much needed rest. Here are some pictures of the view around the center. The sun, the fresh clean air, chirping birds, and peaceful nature, allowed us to slow down and reflect on how lucky and blessed we are to be here.

In the morning, we went on an excursion to the Etara, an open air market and museum in Gabrovo. This was an opportunity to see some functional water driven machinery, view local craftsmen at work, learn about traditional arts and crafts, and shop for some souvenirs.

We had a lunch meeting with the rehabilitation director and the physiotherapist from the rehabilitation center. This was a chanc for the Bulgarian rehabilitation professionals to get to know us and tell us a bit about the clients at the rehabilitation center. They also establish a plan for tomorrow. This was a great chance to build our relationship and expand our understanding of rehabilitative therapy in Bulgaria. After lunch we visited the Bulgarian supermarket and shopped for Bulgarian food and candy.

In the afternoon we had a little bit of time to rest and explore the center.

In the evening, we met in the barn at the Stone and Compass Center, where we learned about therapeutic exercise and proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF). We also discussed our plans and objectives for tomorrow. In the evening there was a spectacular lightning storm. We watched the lightning, relaxed, and sang a little karaoke before getting some rest for a big day at the rehabilitation center tomorrow.

It is Sunday night here in Bulgaria. Happy Mother’s Day to all of the moms out there. We are sorry we could not be with you today, but we love you all!


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